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History of the school in TANGOU


1st OCTOBER 2011 

Date of the national official school re-opening after the holidays, not only the 35 children came to the appointment, 350 children wanted to go to school in Tangou.

We started to realize the importance for a school in this area.

First step, the village headman with the whole village of TANGOU offered SAHARA ANMILALE the ground for a school. In the meantime, Allassane returned to Bamako and contacted le Ministère de l’Education for the school agreement and the naming of a teacher : AUTHORIZED

Le village de TANGOU / République du Mali



 All the parents in TANGOU got together and created in her own way the first school class with stalks of millet and some tree trunks as benches

SAHARA ANMILALE help out with 2 donkeys and two metal containers of 50 Liter so that the parents could get enough water from Douentza for the children at school. At the same time, we paid the rental for a vegetable garden in Douentza – to produce fresh vegetables for the canteen. 2 people from the village went every day to Douentza to take fresh water and took care of the garden.


6 FEBRUARY 2012 

The opening day of the school in TANGOU with 35 children and one official teacher. 

Sponsorship for 4 other children (three girls and one boy) who are older and need to go to the public school in Douentza. 

The mothers of our children in TANGOU made some local hand crafts that SAHARA ANMILALE could sell for the benefit of the school.


Notre première salle de classe construit par les parents avec les moyens disponible


MARCH 2012

 Military coup, reversal of the President and his government.

In the North of Mali, the ruareg revolution grew and spread over half of the country Douentza is in the middle, just on the border to the North...



Worsening of the situation with the arrival of the jihadistes who occupied the big cities in the North, Douentza as well.  The djihadistes took possession of the school, put the children out and made their head-quarters there.

Our bush schook in Tangou was free to continue... 


A lot of families without money tried to escape by installing their tents in the bush – specially around Tangou and many of the children joined our bush school.



The soldiers freed Douentza by international negotiations.

Our teacher in Tangou gave free lessons during July to catch up the programme for the children who joined school later...

Since the beginning, SAHARA ANMILALE pays for :

      One meal a day for each child

      Equipment of the canteen

      Cover of the roof against bad weather (sand storms, heavy raining, sun)

      School supplies

      Black board

      Rent of a vegetable garden in Douentza

      Garden tools

      A Granary

      Mosquito nets

      A Well

      Two medical beds

      Construction of classrooms

L'école de TANGOU construit en 2015 par PLAN MALI avec les 6 salles de classe, une cantine et des toilettes


KOKOPELLI offered us 4 kg of good seeds for various vegetables that our president could give hand to Allassane, our Vice-President in Bamako February 2013.



Our makeshilft school was destroyed by heavy rainfall with stormy winds and the whole village rebuilt it again with the same material.

We realized the nned of a real school, built with cinder blocks to give shelter to the children and their teachers. 

2 official teachers gave lessons to 3 different classes in the meantime.

Since liberation of Mali through the French and Malian Army, a lot of International humanitarian Organizations could visit again the region as well as Douentza. SAHARA ANMILALE financed a food-shelter in TANGOU to protect the riz given regularly by the WORLD FOOD PROGRAMME (WPF).

A former teacher of our Vice-President, who heared about our project in Tangou, informed us about the coming of NGO who can finance the construction of schools and wells.

Allassane set up the demanded file, certificated by the government, asking for a school built by walling stones as well as a well. PLAN MALI – French NGO – accepted our demand, visited TANGOU and fixed the place where the school should be built as well as the well.



18 September : Laying of the foundation stone in presence of the authorities.


      4 school classes

      a canteen


      a drilling well for water


Two teachers and a student teach the schildren.


Notre école de TANGOU / Rép. du Mali


Une salle de classe



During the summer holidays, a teacher from Bamako is rehearsing with the children from Tangou and working on the new programm sent by PLAN MALI.

November 2015 : The buildings are finished and some photos are sent.


La cantine de TANGOU

The canteen


The toilets



We start some photo expositions around Villecroze / Tourtour :


with the support of local photographers and painters. The profits of these sales permitted SAHARA ANMILALE to co-finance together with a church from the USA a well for the whole village.

November 2016 : The well was built and the local authorities financed sun panels for the water tower.


Watertank in Tangou with the solar panels



A humanitarian Association from Monaco helped some villages TANGOU as well around Douentza to createa medical building and a doctor will pass by once a month.

SAHARA ANMILALE bought 2 medical beds with 2 mattress for Tangou.

November 2017 : The Ministry of National Education visited Tangou and was surprised at the large number of children at school.

He proposed to build 3 other classes for the second cycle on the condition that another class was built because two classes were teaching in the same room and the 1st classroom should be revuilt correctly (without any stalks of millet).

They promised that two more teachers would be sent to Tangou.




The village asked us for help once more and we were able to finance the 5th school room and sent money for the settlement (cement + stones) as well as for the roof for the 1st class room... The parents have finished the walls with ‘banko’ January 2018.





Association humanitaire Sahara Anmilale - Mairie de Villecroze - 83690 Villecroze / France