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2 weeks holiday in Bamako/Mali a lot of memories and a population of many different people living in peace together.

A total of 18 918 794 people are living in Mali and there are so many ethnic groups like : Bambaras, Bobos, Bozos, Dogon, Khassonké, Malinké, Miniankas, Peul, Sénoufos, Soninkés, Sarakolés, Sonrhaïs, Tuareg and many others...

The official language is French but Bambara is the most commonly used language of all in Mali.


At the big market in Bamako, I found a beautiful wooden chess set made by a Tuareg artisan his name was Allassane and he asked me for help for children without any school in his native village TANGOU : « What future will those children have without any school... »

DOUENTZA The next main town to TANGOU is DOUENTZA, around 8'057 people live there. Douentza is about 800 km north east of Bamako (the capital of Mali) in the Region of Mopti and just before the Dogon Land, north west of Bandiagara. Most of the inhabitants are Peulh, Dogon, Sonrhaïs and Tuareg.

TANGOU a part of the Débére district – is a small village where about 600 tuareg nomads settled down, most of them are black smiths or camel breeders. TANGOU is 7 km north west of Douentza, opposite the Gandamia cliff and close to the road/sand trail to Timbuktu.

FALL 2011 Allassane contacted me by phone and told me about his worries concerning the children in TANGOU. The nearest school is in Douentza 10 km away. There are 35 children of school age  with no possibility of transport or any money to pay for their inscription ; the necessary birth certificates or school equipment. So me urgently sent them money to help.

Have a look at the TANGOU PROJECT


Association humanitaire Sahara Anmilale - Mairie de Villecroze - 83690 Villecroze / France