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Sahara Anmilale - Mairie de Villecroze - 83690 Villecroze / France
Association humanitaire loi 1901 - SIRET N° 527 682 116 00019
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Support SAHARA ANMILALE, Association humanitaire loi 1901, SIRET N° 527 682 116 00019


Support SAHARA ANMILALE through :

Membership 15€ per year
(have a look at our homepage :

Knowledge around gardening in a sub-saharian area

Organizing events around and for SAHARA ANMILALE

A donation and be sure, your money profit directly our bush school


(SAHARA ANMILALE is state-approved and allows tax reduction)


SAHARA ANMILALE is recognized of general utility:

Your donation is partially deductible from your taxes


 We continue and are engaged to 

      finance one meal a day / child at school for more than 100 children out of the poorest families

      buy and give out the school equipment beginning of the school year in September
   which represent to much money for the families 

      help with renting a vegetable garden for the school canteen by interaction between parents,
   children and SAHARA ANMILALE

      help for other projects in Tangou (grain/rice shelter, medical beds etc.)




For private individuals :

If you are taxable, you receive an income tax reduction of 66% of the amount of your donation in the limite up to 20% of your taxable income.
Donations are defined as all payments to the association (donations, sponsorships...)

Under these written conditions, a payment to the SAHARA ANMILALE association of 100 € costs you in reality 34 €.

For business :

The total amount of your payments allow you to benefit from a 60% corporate tax reduction within the limit of up to 0.5% of turnover.
Above this ceiling, you may report the rest of the amount over the next 5 years.

As an example, if you donate 5'000€ to SAHARA ANMILALE, you actually spend 2'000€.

SAHARA ANMILALE, association loi 1901, SIRET N°527 682 116 00019,

will provide all donors with a tax receipt upon request.

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Association humanitaire Sahara Anmilale - Mairie de Villecroze - 83690 Villecroze / France