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Sahara Anmilale : Solidarity desert

Sahara Anmilale, Solidarity Desert in Tifinagh language, is a humanitarian association created in 2009 by a group of friends, passionate about the Sahara.

From travels to meetings, friendships were born. And with them, the need to exchange, to share and to help each other.

During a trip to Mali, the chief of the village of Tangou - a hamlet of reed huts in the north of the country - intercepted them and asked for help in setting up a school.


Thus began the collaboration between Sahara Anmilale and the village of Tangou.

At the inauguration of the school in 2011, 35 children are enrolled. Today, 700 children attend school every day.

Sahara Anmilale is committed to working alongside the villagers for the education of their children.
It accompanies the populations in their projects by ensuring the security of the school - which remains one of the rare establishments still open in the region today, thanks to the presence of the military - and by financing numerous projects to improve the reception and teaching conditions.

Respect for the freedom and culture of the local population, listening and exchange are the keystones of each initiative in order to empower the inhabitants to assess their needs and implement their own development projects, adapted to local realities.

With the villagers, Sahara Anmilale has participated, among others, in :

  • the construction of classrooms

  • the purchase of school supplies at the beginning of each year

  • the purchase of school materials

  • the distribution of one meal a day for the most deprived children

  • the purchase of equipment and the rental of a plot of land for the canteen's vegetable garden

  • the purchase of tools needed for gardening

  • the purchase of a granary

  • the construction of a well and the installation of solar panels for its pump

  • various everyday purchases: a blackboard, a tarpaulin to protect the school roof against bad weather, mosquito nets, two medical beds for the dispensary built right next to the school

  • the distribution of meals for the soldiers in charge of the security of the school and its public
Rencontre avec le ministre de l'éducation à Bamako

solidarity desert

Our association functions solely thanks to the dedication of its volunteers.
All donations are fully donated to the Tangou school.

  • The board

  • Maya STALDER-REY, President

  • Allassane Sidi TOURÉ,Vice-President

  • Denis MORLOT, Honorary Vice-President

  • Marie-Christine TEYSSIER, Treasury and Secretary

  • Françoise QUENEUTTE, Assistant Secretary

  • Christian ROUX

  • Françoise FLORENS

  • Claire OLCHOWIK

  • Camille ROUX

  • To know more about how the Tangou Project started and developed, go to a school in Tangou section.

  • Our president in the Sahara Desert

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