the solar mamas

One of our dearest projets is to help 4 grandmothers of the village of Tangou to follow

THE Barefoot College International Solar Energy Programme, in India.

This programme is dedicated to women from remote and poor villages - and especially grandmothers, as they very often play a central role in the development of their community.

Thanks to this programme, these grandmothers, who are often illiterate, will acquire new knowledge that they will share on their return with the other villagers.

Over a period of 6 months, these courses allow them to learn to build, install and maintain solar systems from recycled materials.

Solar energy is an inexhaustible resource, especially in Tangou. Less polluting and cheaper than other energy sources. it will enable the local population to become energy self-sufficient.

The skills acquired and the waste recycling circuits should be a source of new jobs and will participate in improving the daily lives of the inhabitants of Tangou and of the surrounding villages.

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the women of Tangou

If the Barefoot programme is free of charge for the 4 mamas, we still need to help them finance their trip to India and the administrative paperwork that comes with it.

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